Sanitizing Hands

Business Solutions

Everything you need to maintain a Clean, Safe and Healthy workplace

  • Hand Sanitizer, with touchless dispensers with noticeable signage

  • Touchless wall mounted thermometer, that extra layer of security

  • Disinfectant atomizers, ensuring that all surfaces and touchpoints are bacteria and virus free

  • Masks, for employees and clients


  • Unscented Gel

  • 73% Ethyl Alcohol

  • Color: Clear

  • Contains glycerin for extra moisture

  • Kills harmful bacteria and germs

About Ethyl alcohol used to manufacture

Precision Chemical Technologies'

Hand Sanitizers:

The Ethyl Alcohol used to formulate Precision Chemical Technologies' hand sanitizers conform to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standard. The denaturants used in the ethyl alcohol are also a requirement by Health Canada for alcohol-based hand sanitizers to reduce the risk of accidental or deliberate ingestion. The Certificate of Analysis provides details on the impurity profile and indicates the quality of the ethyl alcohol used in the hand sanitizers.​


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